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Starflower - Celebrating The Spirit of Brian Wilson & The Beach Boys $9.95  

1. Sunflower - Reynold Philipsek
2. Today - 3Tripper
3. Hip Hop & Pop - Big Fresh
4. Dates - R. Stevie Moore with Dave Gregory
5. Can't Feel Sad - Tom Getter Slack
6. California - synchro1
7. Kloreen - Mitch Friedman
8. Beach Glass Intro - SNG
9. Beach Glass Bouquet - SNG
10. Riptide Lullaby - Billy Marsh
11. Dewey Decimal System - R. Stevie Moore
12. Space Pilot Astrud Star - Charlie Zayleskie
13. Dandelion - John Ferenzik
14. Please Send Boat - R. Stevie Moore
15. Maximum Love Vibes - Chris McKenna & GG1
16. The Tie-Dyed High Tide Radio Reprise - synchro1 & the starflowers
17. Earth My Body - Moogy Klingman
"A progressive collection of summertime sun and surf pop tunes that skim along psychedelic seas and soar into the big blue sky." Gene Triplett, Daily Oklahoman, August 2000

"Like the shards and remnants of the Beach Boys unreleased Smile album, Starflower takes you into a magical day-glo world where the innocent barbershop harmomies of the Wilsons are morphed into an introspective sound informed by the tragedies of the late 60s and the drug culture. The endless summer of the Beach Boys never ended; the sky simply turned purple and the emotions became deeper, heavier, and more mature." Wilhelm Murg, Tulsa Outline Magazine, September 2001
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