February 2005 - Reynold Philipsek - continued
No Nothing is a tune that those of us over forty can certainly relate to. This was the one pop song from your catalog that you chose to include in a new jazzy presentation. Why did you choose No Nothing and were there any other of your pop tunes that you considered?

First of all I chose this tune because it is essentially a  blues and the transition to a more swinging feel is easy. Also, I am only getting older so the lyrics, which pertain to an increasing list of "what-not-to-dos," only become more pertinent.

You present two versions of Bistro, the opener an instrumental and the closer with vocals. It seems like a conscious effort by you to bookend the CD with a carefree happy mood.

True. I also like the idea of  "concept" albums and the inclusion of the reprise of that track does bookend the album well.

You've been playing live in the Minneapolis area. Has there been any discussion on playing gigs outside of Minnesota but still within the region, like let's say Chicago or Kansas City?

I actually play in several bands. The Twin Cities Hot Club, Parisota Hot Club and my own little trio which recorded
Bistro. Though I am performing more than I have in years it has been primarily in the Minneapolis area. There is a chance that The Twin Cities Hot Club may perform some jazz festivals outside Minnesota in the future.

If you could schedule a recording session with any producer, a guitarist, a keyboardist, a bassist, a hornplayer and two background singers who would they be? Feel free to include one wild-card participant.

Producer - George Martin
Guitarist - Wes Montgomery or Joe Pass
Keyboardist - Art Tatum
Bassist - Ron Carter
Horn Player - Miles Davis
Singers - Todd Rundgren and Paul McCartney

An unlikely group given the range of styles, not to mention that several of the participants are now dead. My list none the less.

What are you listening to these days?

Given that I am performing gypsy jazz these days I am listening to DJango of course but also a lot of European players in the style like Tchavalo Schmitt, Stochelo Rosenberg, Romane and Bireli Lagrene.

So what's the plan for the rest of 2005? Have you already started thinking about your next project?

I will be performing a lot this year and it seems that when I am playing lots of gigs I record less. I may do a record with Twin Cities Hot Club and maybe at the very end of the year put together a compilation of my best jazz tracks which will feature a couple of new cuts plus a reshaping of the old material by either adding some instrumentation or a complete remix.

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