April 2005 - Mitch Friedman - continued
Purple Burt appeals to both children and adults. Any special marketing plans to reach the youth of America and beyond?

So far my marketing strategy has been to simply get a copy to all the people I know who have kids and hope that they enjoy it and perhaps tell other families about it. I've also recently sent copies to about 30 radio shows that play kid's music as well as several kid's reviewers. I'm hoping that these forays might lead to a wider audience. Another plan is to go around to all the children's clothing/toy/whatever stores in my very kid inhabited neighborhood in Brooklyn and see if any of them might be open to stocking it. Ultimately I'd love to have a real record company be interested enough to release it and/or a publicist to help me get the word out.

Just about every trial and tribulation of childhood is addressed in your CD, particularly being different, feeling alone and juvenile indigestion.I think it's wonderful that you have given kids a fun way to boost their outlook.


What have you been listening to lately? Reading? Watching?

Listening: Martha Wainwright, The Lovin' Spoonful, Wreckless Eric, Jim Smart - Mist.
The Tipping Point by Malcolm Gladwell, Kick Me by Paul Feig, Kiss Me Like A Stranger by Gene Wilder.
Monk, Bottom, Unscripted, Project Greenlight, Knowing Me, Knowing You with Alan Partridge.

Any other upcoming projects or collaborations on the horizon?

Nothing musical at the moment or in the near future, but I am editing a documentary film.

Who would comprise you All-Mitch band?

Mitch Mitchell on drums. Joni Mitchell on acoustic guitars and background vocals. Mitchell Froom on keyboards. Mitch Easter on bass. Mitch Cohen (from A Mighty Wind) on drugs.

And finally, just where did you get that dirt?

From a very special gardening center!

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